Below are some original proof of concept game ideas that i made. I used these as small projects to explore basic coding, conditions/actions and game development. In general i try to use this medium to create mini IPs with flushed out worlds / characters/ lore and game mechnics. These games are not for sale nor can they be purchased, these are just purely made for the enjoyment of creating. (* at a later time i will post the .apk and .exe for download.)

Neo Mega City 2094 is a side scrolling 2d shooter concept. The player controls a gaint mecha suit tasked with keeping the city protected from and invading threat. 

CastleNinja is a throw back to the platformer/ Arcade games from the 90's era.
The main character Kenzo  navigates through 5 stages with bosses. it's a tribute to the 16bit Shinobi and Castlevania style games.